May Favourites

Oh hello June, long time no see! Since time flies by like crazy, it’s time for another monthly favourites. I haven’t done one of them in quite a while, which is a shame because they are the kind of content I love to create but also watch/read from other bloggers. But now to the nitty gritty because I really need to go back to study haha. Here are my 5 things I loved in May.

First of all, let’s talk about my new trousers for summer. I know that my last weeks post was about these but I need to mention them here because they literally changed my life. I’m writing this post in some similar styled, slightly more tailored trousers from Monki and they are the comfiest, but still the most business looking trousers I own. And I love the fact, that I won’t get too hot today – even though they said it’s gonna be 30°C. Apart from that, I just love how these trousers showed me, that it’s really good to branch out sometimes, not only style wise. So – hopefully – it’s gonna be a summer of stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things and thinking out of the box. If you want to read more about my love to this style of trousers, check out my latest blog post.

Since I already started with fashion/style – I never know if I should start with style or beauty, any preferences? – another clothing item I love is my new black denim jacket from Weekday. I got it in the last week of April and wear it ever since – fun fact, I’m also wearing this jacket writing this post (air con is crazy). Since I literally wear it all the time, I’m pretty sure that you saw some pics of me wearing it on Instagram – and now the obligatory begging - check out my Instagram and follow me if you haven’t already. Jokes aside, I can’t describe how much I love it and I think that these were the best 70€ I spent in a long time. I would def buy the whole Weekday shop if it weren’t that expensive, but it’s amazing for an occasional treat yourself moment. If you’re thinking about buying this jacket, keep on mind that it’s really oversized – I got it in a XS and it’s still perfectly oversized on me.

Style faves done and dusted, on to the beauty bits! There isn’t one piece of makeup in this May Favourites – kinda crazy I know, but I didn’t really wear lots of makeup during the last month since I spent a lot of time at home studying. But if I’m getting around to do a June favourites, I’m pretty sure that I have at least one lip stain to mention but you’ll see that another time. As I said, I studied a lot and therefore I was really in need for some pamper sessions every now and then. Browsing my local drugstore, I found the new facemask from L’Oréal, the crazy blue one, and just picked it up. And oh my word, it’s amazing! I really like it since I actually see some results the second I take it off, which is amazing (got anybody time for “the skin will look ... in 8 weeks”?). You’re supposed to use it twice a week, but I’m kinda struggling with that, however I really can see a difference – smaller pores and less visible blackheads -  around my nose. Already recommended it too my best friend, hope she’ll like it too.

So my next fave is a perfume – little philosophical question: are perfumes beauty products? - and it’s the pure pastel mint from Betty Barclay. No one guessed that, right? And tbh, I’m quite surprised to love this so much too! I was on the hunt for a really affordable, fresh and slightly flowery perfume for at home, went to my local drugstore and bought this one. And I’m complete honest with you, when I say that I get compliments from everyone whenever I wear it - my mother says it too me every single day even though she knows that it’s always the same perfume. Therefore, great little, super yummy smelling, confidence boost for every day.

Last but not least, I have a series which I totally adore – like well and truly, because I’m already watching it a second time with my boyfriend. It’s “The Night Manger” and holy guacamole watch it! There’s only one series out yet but they’re planning for a second one – which is great because I don’t want it to end haha. What do expect? Great actors and actresses, something a little bit thrilling, posh, love and so so much more – it literally ticks all the boxes of a great, exciting series. Personally, the cherry on top of whole thing, is that most of the actors and actresses are English with an amazing English accent – and you guys know that I’m a complete sucker for everything with British English! Has anybody watched it and want to discuss it? I’m totally up for it!

And that’s a wrap! Leave a comment down below with anything you loved in May. And as I already said, it’d be super lovely from you to follow me on Instagram (we’re super close to 200!) and on Bloglovin’.

Have a great week!
Lena xx

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