The Trousers You Want To Wear All Summer

When it comes to thinking about summer clothes, I feel very uncomfortable to point where I actually feel sick and anxious. Bloody hell I hate dressing for summer!! I want to spend my life in black jeans with a tee or a jumper and in some converse or boots – thanks! But living in Austria, where it easily gets over 30°C during the summer months, that’s just not possible – or at least not possible if I don’t want to sweat even more and faint.

So I noticed that my hate and fear of summery clothes really ruin the whole season. Which is a shame since summer is all about having fun and enjoying yourself! And that’s where I realised that I have to step out of my comfort zone and find clothes which are comfy, sweat proof, stylish and most importantly making me feel good about myself. Tbh, I’m def a whole shopping day and quite a lot of money away from the perfect summer wardrobe, but I actually found the style of trousers I want to wear all summer!

Having a quite small waist and big hips, low waisted shorts don’t to a favour to me and my body shape. Oh and I only wear black denim, so the standard blue denim hot pants are def nothing for me. Therefore I have quite a selection of high waisted shorts which aren’t denim – which is a plus since there’re stretchy and comfier. I am quite fine with these shorts but I’m not a big fan of showing my legs. And that’s where my new trousers come in handy.

I adore my new high waisted long trousers. And they’re perfect for summer since they are super thin - but not see-through -  and super floaty. My 18-year-old me wouldn’t believe me if I said I’ll wear wide leg trousers in two years - I always thought they aren’t for me since my leg are quite big anyway and that it’d look ridiculous. And you know what? I was talking and thinking BS!! I actually think that they are flattering and I love that they’re looking like I’m wearing a midi skirt. So a big thank to @icovetthee who started wearing wide leg jeans this spring! She def made me want to try this style of trousers!

For anybody who’s concerned that these long trousers are too hot for summer – believe it or not, but they are more cooling than hot pants, since there’s always a little breeze around your legs. Feels like a portable air con.

Apart from these stripy ones from H&M, I also bought 2 black ones from Monki. One of them is a little bit more tailored and therefore more work appropriate and the other one is just as floaty and wide as the H&M ones, just all black and plisse.
So I hope you’ll find this post useful if you hate shorts like do. I pray that I’ll find something similar top and shoe wise, aka something I feel super comfy and cool in it. As always, I’d love to have a chat with you and if you have any summer clothing recommendations, I’m so up for them!  That’s it for today.

Lots of love 
Lena xx

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  1. I feel you with the bigger hips issue! I live in high waisted stuff - those trousers look great on you!
    P xxx

    1. They are just great, aren't they? Thank you so much x and thanks for the comment! Lena xx