Mixtape of April

Holy moly it’s MAY! Time flies by and therefore it’s time for another mixtape of the month. Tbh with you, this post was meant to be a monthly favourite but, as you might have seen on my Insta stories, I broke my camera – arrrg still hate myself for that! – therefore I couldn’t really shoot any pics. ANYWAY, there’re two things why a monthly mixtape makes totally sense this month. First of all, I listened to so much music and I bloody enjoyed it! Secondly, I finally got Spotify Premium! I think I was the last person who got it, but yeah better late than never. So, if you like this post and want to listen to my playlists, just follow me on Spotify. But for now, let’s get prepared for a lot of 80s and grab yourself some headphones!

The playlist I listened the most this month is “All out 80s”! Really really good, know nearly every song and yeah just AWESOME! I’m actually a big fan of the 80s and I think it’s because my parents listened to them all the time when I was a child. This playlist includes my favourite song from March and April and it’s Come On Eileen – it makes me soo happy!!

Apart from the 80s, there’s a new album by Die Fantastischen Vier and yeah, I wasn’t really prepared to like it THAT much – especially since I usually don’t listen to them. However, from the second I listened to first song I knew that this album is amazing and I’m currently telling everyone around me how great it is and that they need to listen it. And now I’m telling it to you, it’s bloody great so go and listen to it!! But tbh, I’m totally aware that German rap and hip hop isn’t everyone cup of tea, especially since I normally hate German music too, but this is really awesome!

So these were the main two playlists I’m currently loving, however there’s a little variation of artists that I like to listen every now and then. First of all, I can’t help myself, but as soon as it’s getting warmer I love to listen to Cage The Elephant since it’s the ultimate feel good music. Apart from that, I’m also liking Muse and Paramore at the mo. And of course, Limp Bizkit, so great! Can’t wait to see them live in June AAAH!! That’s pretty much it, however, as you might know, I’m a big fan of classical music, and this month I really enjoyed Vivaldi. And on that note, finally got around to watch the latest season of Mozart In The Jungle, which is one of my fave series and it was soo great and I can’t stand it that it’s over again. And I just read that it's totally canceled now and I'M FREAKING OUT!

It’s time to wrap this post up as I start rambling too much. I hope you liked this mixtape and as I already said, you can follow me on Spotify if you fancy to see what I listen to next. I’m totally aware that my taste is a little bit weird but that’s the music I genuinely love and I like to be honest with you guys. What did you listen to in April? Let’s chat in the comments! If you want to read more from me, stay tuned for the next post and subscribe or follow me on Instagram or Bloglovin’ to get informed whenever I post.

Have a great Sunday and a good start to the week!
Lena xx

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