What's Still Missing In My Spring Wardrobe

Last week’s weather was AMAZING here in Austria! Lots of sun, over 20 degrees and – just to keep it real - a hell lot of wind – but it’s only April so I’m totally fine with that! Anyways, spring is finally here and therefore it’s officially okay to shop new clothes for this season. I personally really love dressing for spring because it’s the perfect weather for the ‘jeans and tee kinda gurls’ of this world. And even though jumpers are literally the BEST clothing items ever, everybody loves lighter jackets and tops – especially after a looong cold winter! So, I already stocked up on the lighter tops, with MANY stripy long-sleeved tees and I’m totally in love with them. However, there are still some items missing in my spring wardrobe.

As I already mentioned, I love to dress in jeans and a cool tee, however it can get quite chilly, so I def need a cardigan for making the tees more weather-appropriate. Since I’m really into jumpers, I personally prefer the quite chunky knitted version of cardigans, but these can get a little bit too warm for this time of year. So, I hope I find a thinner one which I like! Tbh, this shouldn’t be a big problem, because I find cardigans quite flattering. Oh you want to know which colour the cardigan’s going to be? I mean, it’s spring so I’ll obv go for black or dark grey!

Black denim jacket
To stick with my overall colour theme black, I really really really (!!) want a black denim jacket. I haven’t had a denim jacket since I was ten and it’s def one of those pieces which I generally hated and thought, I’d never pick one up again. Childhood trauma? However, I think the thing I didn’t like was the actual denim blue and since there’s quite a variety of black oversized ones out there, I feel def brave enough to try it. Apart from that, I actually don’t have a thinner black jacket, which is totally crazy for me. I already found some pretty cool ones on asos >>here<< and >>here<<.

Wrapped top
Enough for layering pieces, I also want some cool wrapped tops. Since they’re in every store right now and their cut is super flattering, I honestly don’t know why I haven't picked one up yet! Maybe it’s the fact that you have to wrap it yourself and I’m not trusting myself with doing that. So afraid that it gets loose at one point and I stand there in my bra! Anyways, I feel like it’s finally time to try this style of top and I kinda know that I'll love it. And aren’t there pre-wrapped ones out there anyway? Btw, I really like this one - spottted it on a recent post from Poppy Deyes.

More golden jewellery
I’m so into my golden hoops at the moment and there’re sooo many different versions of it, so can I get EVERY SINGLE ONE pls? Hoops aside, I’m also desperately searching some new dainty golden rings. For me, that's always a pain in the ass, because rings from the highstreet are way to big for me. However, I recently found out that H&M stock XS/S rings and they actually fit quite nicely. But tbh, I just want to go all out and get a proper golden one – I’m umming and ahing about this ring from Pandora, because it’s absolutely stunning!

So thank you for reading! Are there any pieces you want to pick up for your spring wardrobe? Let me know in the comments! Also I’m sorry that this post is a little bit late, but this week and this Sunday was all over the place. If you want to read more about me, make sure you subscribe, follow me on Bloglovin’ or on Instagram @the_fandf_club!

Have a great start into the week!
Lena xx


  1. I really want a black denim jacket too, they look really cool :)


    1. I know, I love them!!! saw a really cool one at uni yesterday, but annoyingly the girl picked it up last spring :/ urg
      Lena xx