What's In My Makeup Bag

What I really like about about makeup is its dazzling array and the endless possibilities. Isn’t it great that we have the change to test an endless number of different products and can go on to another one when we don’t like the one we’re using right now. Isn’t it great that there are as many shades and colours as in irl – and every time we thing “wow that’s it, that’s the last possible colour!” they adding another. Even though this variety is amazing it can be quite tricky on a daily basis because we have too lot to decide. A cherry red or a strawberry red lip? Mid brown or warm brown eyeshadow? Help me, because I love getting ready and doing my makeup, but I’m def don’t have enough time – and the patience - to spent hours every day doing it. So for me, it’s all about being minimal and I’m not talking minimal in terms of outcome, because hey, I LOVE a bright red lip or some orange eyeshadow. No, it’s all about spending minimal time and effort! In my point of view, having a well-organised makeup bag is the key for daily makeup which only needs a few minutes.

So it took quite a while for me to find a makeup bag with the right size and it’s harder than you can imagine! I def needed one which fits all my essentials but isn’t too big at the same time – on the one hand because I commute every weekend from Vienna to my hometown and I don’t have enough space to take a huge beauty case or something like that and on the other hand I don’t have the self-control to not overpack. Give me a giant suitcase and I’ll bring my whole wardrobe for a weekend getaway. Long story short, I found the PERFECT makeup bag which fits just the right amount of stuff – nice bonus: it’s Primark one and I only spent 5 quits on it, what more can you want? Btw, Primark has a great selection of makeup bags, and quite a few different designs and sizes, so there should be one for everybody. But now on to the fun part, what is in my makeup bag? 

The base

Foundation: Even though I’m more the concealer over foundation kinda gurl, I have a foundation in my makeup bag. I generally go for foundation, when my skin has some blemishes – you know, that time of the month – or when my skin is feeling the redness. I’m currently using the Photo’Perfexion from Givenchy in the shade 3 perfect sand. Great foundation, with just the right amount of coverage and so much GLOW.

Concealer: A step I can never miss, because I just have horrendous rings under my eye – God knows why! Fortunately, my fave concealer is from the drugstore, cause I’d be so so broken since I go through them so quickly. I’m using the Liquid Camouflage from Catrice and I usually go for 001, which is currently sold out EVERYWHERE – thanks, Zoella for mentioning it in your Berlin Beauty Haul – so, I’m using the shade 005 at the mo, which is okay but not as great as 001! Please come back in stock!

Beauty Blender: If you’re somebody who can apply their foundation and concealer perfectly with your finger – happy you! Well, I suck at this and therefore I always have a beauty blender or a brush with me. Currently, I’m using a beauty blender from Real Techniques, since I prefer the lighter finish of it in spring and summer. 

Highlighter: So, since it’s all about saving time in the mornings, I don’t contour/bronze my face, since one I don’t like to be tanned and two my cheekbones are naturally quite defined. Anyway, a step I really enjoy at the mo is highlighting. I’m using a new product – Peach Frost in Happy Face from Too Faced. Not only that the peachy smell is exactly what I need in the morning to get super happy, it’s so so STUNNING. Just the perfect colour for a natural highlight, but also buildable which makes it also suitable for nights out. Apart from that, it’s kinda moussy consistency so you can use your fingers for applying it. Ergo no brush needed and therefore more space for two more lipsticks in your bag HA! 


Eyebrows: At the mo, I don't do too much to my eyebrows. I generally just brush them with a spoolie and probably fill them in a little bit. Actually, I can't tell you which product I'm using since it's so old that the name is totally rubbed off. However, I'm not very happy with the way I'm doing my brows, so hopefully, I'm gonna buy some new brow products - maybe a brow gel? - during the next weeks. Any recommendations?

Eyeshadow: Even though I don’t really wear a lot of eyeshadow I have 2 pallets in my bag. First of all I’m taking my Dior 5 Coleurs Palette in 796 Cuir Cannage everywhere I go and do my makeup, because it’s just the perfect arrangement of neutral, pretty, every day colours. Currently I enjoy using the darkest brown to do a thin line. Apart from that, I also have a little duo of MAC Rule and Red Brick in my makeup bag. I absolutely LOVE these two colours! Rule is my fave go to but kinda out there eyeshadow and Red Brick is a perfectly different and a little extreme red for a night out. However, if I knew that Urban Decay would come out with their Heat petite, I would have waited for this palette, but I still love these two MACies. To put these eyeshadows on my lids, I use the Real Techniques eyeshadow brushes.

Mascara: When it comes to mascaras, I’m not super fussy – I just want a super black one which give me a lot of volume and curl! That’s why that’s the one makeup product I’m the most experimental with. At the moment, I’m using the Lash Sensational in intense black from Maybelline, and what should I say, it does a great job. Thumbs up!


You guys know that lipstick is by far my FAVOURITE makeup product and that’s why there’s quite a variation in my makeup bag. My current go to lipstick is from Burt’s Bees in the shade Suede Splash and OMG (!!!) it’s so so so sooo great. I love it because it’s my perfect your-lips-but-better-colour, it’s suuuper nourishing and it sets down to a lovely satiny/matte finish – AMAZING! It’s the perfect everyday lipstick and I’m totally fine with the fact that it hasn’t the best staying power since it’s like wearing a balm and actually does moisturise my lips. If I want something which stays on my lips all day but is still a very natural shade, I use the Matte Me liquid lipstick from Sleek in the shade Birthday Suit. I won’t add any information about these liquid lipsticks because you know I’m obsessed with these - they are just the best liquid lipsticks ever! Going from very natural shades to a something a little bit browner and sassier. Persistence from MAC is the perfect lipstick for a night out or when I feel quite cool and 90ies inspired – like it totally fits the NYC street style vibe. And considering that it isn’t a liquid lipstick, it actually stays on very well. Last but not least, what’s a makeup bag without a red lipstick? My red liquid lipstick of choice is – of course! - from Sleek in Rioja Red. Oh lord, I’m so predictable! Also, did you know that Rioja is a Spanish wine? Makes this lipstick even better, doesn’t it?  

So, that’s it, that are all the makeup products which fit in my makeup bag – quite impressing for this small pouch right? If you have any recommendations for me which products I should try or anything else, just leave a comment down below. If you want to read more about me, check out my other posts and follow me on Bloglovin’ or Instagram so you know, when I post a new blog post.


  1. All of these products look so gorgeous I looove Too Faced :)

    Grace Louise || https://gracelouiseofficial.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I really love it too! it's a shame that it's so hard to get in Austria :/
      Lena xx