My New Chunky Grey Jumper

Hey guys, I’m back from a one-week break, which was quite needed after doing Blogtober – even though creating that much content was really awesome, it’s just a little bit time consuming. However, todays post is all about my new jumper! You might remember that I had a ‘big grey chunky jumper’ on my autumn wishlist and I found the perfect one! But before I can’t stop myself from rambling over a jumper, I just wanted to say thank you for all your support on the Blogtober posts! I love to read your comments and I’m very happy that so many of you took time to read my posts.

But now on to the exciting things! So, as I said, I wanted a chunky grey jumper and that’s exactly what I got. This great piece is from Monki – which is one of my favourite places to shop! – and was 30 quid, which is really inexpensive for a jumper, especially since it’s so heavy and well made. What’s more, this is the perfect shade of grey, not too light but not too dark - you know, you can still proudly say that you aren’t dressed fully black for once in your life. I also love the high neckline since it works really well with the general chunkiness. As all jumper, it’s failsafe, so you’re always perfectly dressed, even though you were asleep when you choose your outfit.  

A thing that I really like about this jumper is that you can wear it in two different ways - long and short. On the pics, I wear it long which is really nice if you want to get a bit of extra warmth. But you can also pull the waistband higher and give the excess material over the band, and voila – you have a jumper, which sits perfectly at your hips. I personally prefer the second variant, because it elongates my legs a little bit more and doesn’t focus on my hips.

Well, another great thing is its thickness. Therefore, it’s probably one of the warmest jumpers I’ve ever had, and who doesn’t love a cosy jumper? Apart from that, it’s actually so warm, that I wore it several times over tees as a ‘jacket’ and never felt cold in it. The only disadvantage is, that it isn’t a good windbreaker, but to be fair, that isn’t what a jumper is supposed to be, so I’m fine with that. Since it is so chunky and thick, you should not hang it, because it’s quite heavy.

How I feel about my new jumper:

So, I force myself to stop writing about a normal jumper, because I feel like 400 words are enough. What’s your favourite jumper at the moment? Let me know in the comments or tag me on a pic on Instagram. Despite that, it would be lovely if you subscribe or follow me on Instagram @the_fandf_club or on Bloglovin’!

Lots of love,
Lena xx

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