A Yellow Mood Booster

19 years old girls aren’t well known to make the most reasonable purchases, as we rather buy the 25th tee in winter instead of the needed thick jacket. Therefore, my mum was pretty surprised when I told her that I bought a raincoat – and probably because it was in June too, but hey, rain is possible in every season. However, this raincoat is proof that love at first sight exists. I literally saw it in the window of my local Bik Bok and knew it had to be mine. To be fair, I did not pick it up straight away, because it was about 50€, but I loved it so much that I bought it an hour later, because it simply didn’t get out of my head. I just saw me in this yellow raincoat, with a black and white stripy tee underneath and some black jeans, strolling around on the beach of Brighton – yes, please!

The thing which sold it to me, is the bright yellow colour. Not only that yellow is probably the only light colour that I feel really comfortable in, it also brightens up me mood so much. Therefore, a yellow raincoat is great since it’s grey and ugly outside, but you still super happy since you’re wearing a total mood-booster. Another good thing about the colour is that you’re easily visibly for drivers, which is always good on rainy days. And last but not least, I love that it’s a little bit extra and you don’t see so many people wearing the same colour as you do.

Apart from its colour, I also love the fact that you don’t get wet – obvs Lena, it’s a RAINcoat! Well, it might seem obvious, but if your living in Vienna, you know that a simple umbrella doesn’t keep you try AT ALL – thanks bloody wind! So, I like to wear my raincoat, because I’m safe even when the wind decides that rain should “fall” horizontally, since the normal straight way is wayyyy too boring.

Well, you see that I love this piece of clothing so much and if you want to get a new raincoat, you should defo check the lining. My jacket doesn’t really have a lining, which is why it can get a bit chilly. However, I’d recommend sizing up, so you can easily fit an extra layer underneath, thus you’re able to wear it in autumn/early winter too.  However, is there any raincoat which you love (probably with a thicker lining)? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re new here, it’d be lovely if you follow me on Instagram @the_fandf_club or on Bloglovin’!

Lots of love and a great weekend!
Lena xx


  1. Such a cute raincoat, the color looks great on you!


    1. Thank you so much! I love wearing this colour!
      I love your blog theme? We could follow each other on Bloglovin' - I'd love to!
      xx Lena