Summer in October? | Blogtober 2017

This weekend was crazy. Not only that my boyfriend and my best friend spent their weekend with me in Vienna, we also had the best weather ever. Considering that today’s the 17th October, that’s kinda weird, however, I enjoyed every ray of sun! Actually, there was so much sun, that I spent two days in tees and cropped jeans – which is literally my fave kinda outfit! What’s more, it’s been the first day where I didn’t need a jacket in ages and I enjoyed my life in my new chunky grey jumper YEY! So, it simply was the best ‘late summer day’, and here’s what I threw on on Sunday.  

Since it was a Sunday, I went for something which is super comfy, but also socially acceptable outdoors. TBH, this isn’t that different to my everyday styling concept, but being comfy is even more important on weekends!

The tee: I personally think, that there isn’t another piece of clothing which is comfier without being too hot than a tee. It’s very simple and so versatile – I love it. What I love even more, is a good old stripy one! The thing I enjoy the most about the one I wear in those pictures is, that it appears really light without having that weird feeling of wearing a plain white top. This explanation is a little bit odd, but never feel 100% confident in something white – for example I never wanted my prom dress to be white. Anyway, I love this top and I wear it a lot, even though I have it for longer than a year. Therefore, it isn't available anymore, but here's a similar one, which is from Mango too.

The jeans: These are my fave jeans at the moment, since they are a little bit cropped, high-waisted and quite new, so the black is still very opaque. We all know that I’m in love with black jeans and that they’re the only thing I’m wearing on my legs, so I won’t say too much about them – especially since I featured them in an OOTD post already. However, the thing why I worn these jeans the whole weekend is, that since they’re really high-waisted you don’t need an extra belt to keep them in place – which was really good since we did a lot of walking and rode some rollercoasters. And honestly, isn't a belt soooo uncomfortable?

The jacket: As I already mentioned, it was really warm and therefore I didn’t need a ‘real’ jacket. That’s why, I only took a sweatshirt with me, which I didn’t need at all because it was so freaking hot. However, I always like to be safe and TBH, it can be quite chilly if you aren’t in the sun. I think my mother would be proud of me right now!

The shoes: I promise you guys, I really have other shoes than converse OK? I just love converse too much to not spent my whole weekend in – especially since we walked so so much. So, even though these black low top ones are in serious need for a wash and probably even a dye – since they’re already more grey than black – I really love them. I just broke them in, and they’re honestly the best shoes to wear for a fun weekend. But no worries, I actually might or might not purchase some new boots, so stay tuned for them!

The rucksack: If you’re searching high and low for a pretty and handy rucksack, this is the one for you. I love that it’s leather and therefore has a more like handbag style and not a school rucksack vibe. Despite that, it fits a lot and adds something a little bit extra to an outfit.

How did you spend this beautiful weekend? I would love to know! 

Lots of love,
Lena xx

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  1. I just spent this weekend doing absolutely nothing. I would have loved so much if the weather would have been the same here! It was raining all weekend.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Oh crap! But a relaxed, cosy weekend is nice too! Btw, your blog looks amazing!!
      Lots of love xx

  2. The weather is crazy beautiful for October and I love it! Good to hear that you had a nice time!

    Marije |

    1. Yeah, it's absolutely amazing! Oh, thank you! I hope you have a lovely time too and thank you for your comment!!
      Lots of love xx