My Most Worn Jewellery | Blogtober 2017

At the beginning of this semester I somehow totally forgot to bring my jewellery. When I first realised it, I didn’t think that it’s a big thing for me, but this week made me recognise how much and how often I actually wear jewellery. So, as we’re a girls club here, I thought it would be quite nice if I share my most worn items with you. Because you know ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’!

On My Fingers
If you asked me one year ago, which rings I wear every day, my answer would have been ‘I NEVER wear rings’. This suddenly changed last Valentine’s Day when my boyfriend gave me a beautiful dainty rose gold ring – I loved it immediately! Therefore, I was inconsolable as I lost this ring about two months ago! I still can’t find it even though I think it fell to the ground in my room. However, since I have the best boyfriend ever, I got another new ring, which I’m very grateful for – thank you so much again!! As the last ring, I wear this one every single day and only take it off when I’m in the shower or do the dishes. So, this is a 100% proof that jewellery often has an emotional compound! Besides this gorgeous ring, which is actually from the brand New One, I also started wearing another ring about three weeks ago – and I’m really enjoying it. I can’t link this golden ring for you guys, as it’s over 45 years old – my grandmother passed it on to me and she got it from her best friend in high school. Apart from the fact that this piece of jewellery has an amazing history and it’s from my grandma, I also like the design of it, which are quite dainty flowers and tendrils.

On My Wrists
Since my wrists are pretty small, I don’t like chunky jewellery at all. Therefore, I had a problem with finding the perfect watch, as the common ones look way too bulky on me. That’s why, I’m even happier that I finally found the ideal watch for me, a Daniel Wellingtonone – obv the smaller version. The only con about it is, that they don’t do black fabric straps! This is a little bit annoying, but the dark blue one is actually so dark, that it’s not too bad. However, still love this watch a lot. Despite the watch, I also love wearing very dainty bracelets. Once again, I have one from New One, which I also got from my boyf and therefore really love wearing it. It’s really tiny, has a rose gold heart in the middle of it and it’s actually so light that I always forget that I’m wearing it – which is a good thing, as it doesn’t bug me at any time of the day! There’s one more bracelet I need to tell you about. It’s from Fossil and I bought it myself in July. Since then, I didn’t came around wearing as much as I wanted as I don’t like wearing jewellery during summer. So, hopefully I’m gonna get a lot of wear out of it in the following months! I really love this one, because it’s very dainty and loose and overall just very pretty!

On My Ears
There two things which I hate: Don’t wearing any perfume and don’t wearing any earrings. However, I’m much better in remembering putting on perfume than putting in my earrings – need to get better at this (probably should add this to my October goals). However, there’re two pair of earrings which I LOVE at the moment. So, on the one hand we have the H&M ones with tassels, still freaking love them. I actually already rambled about them in my July favourites, so, if you’re interested in the background story go have a read >>here<<. On the other hand, we have these simply rose gold studs, which are perfect for days, where you don’t want too much attention on your ears and still want to feel put together. Since these days predominate at the mo, these are my go to earrings.

Around My Neck
TBH, nowadays I don’t wear necklaces too often, but once again, if I wear one, I prefer the dainty ones. For the days I actually wear a necklace, I’m only reaching for this gorgeous one from Fossil, which I got as a birthday present this year. The thing I love the most about is that you can wear it in two ways, since one side is totally flat and the other one is sparkling. I still need to make it a little bit tighter around my neck but afterwards it’ll be the ideal necklace for me. If I don’t feel like wearing a necklace but still want to wear something up there, I’m really into chockers. My favourite type of them are – surprise! – thin black chockers - especially the ones, which you can tie up to a bow or the ones with flower patterns.

So, these were all the pieces of jewellery which I’m wearing and loving at the mo. Are there any pieces, which you can’t live without right now? Please leave a comment after this post! As you probably know, I’m doing Blogtober, so if you want to be informed as soon as a new post gets up, subscribe, or simply follow me on Instagram @the_fandf_club or Bloglovin’!

Lena xx

Please note: Some of the pieces I’ve mentioned, aren't available anymore. I linked ones, which are from the same brand and look pretty similar.


  1. I totally understand, why these are your favorite and most worn jewellery.
    I adore the golden ring in the 3rd picture.
    It's so beautiful.

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

    1. I'm in love with this ring too!
      Thank you for your comment and I love your Instagram! Just followed you xx
      have a lovely week xx