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‘What’s in my bag‘-videos are one of the videos I love the most! It doesn’t matter, if it’s about the everyday handbag, a suitcase or a beauty bag – I’m obsessed with it! As I only put out content, which I would personally read, I thought it’d be finally time for a post like that. Since this probably turns out as a very long post - grab yourself a cup of tea and get comfy and enjoy a sum up of all my make up products! However, I’m not a crazy hoarder when it comes to make up products, so hopefully it won't be terribly long. 

I got my first foundation when I was 17 years old, so pretty late. In fact, it’s not the most important product in my collection, therefore, I have only two - one for summer and one for the paler months of the year.
PHOTO’PERFEXION: This foundation from Givenchy is my fave and it makes my skin so flawless!
TEINT IDOLE ULTRA 24H: This is actually the first foundation I’ve ever bought – I probably shouldn’t use it anymore since it’s two years old... (This post is actually the perfect occasion to get rid of some products!)

One of the most important make up products in my collection are concealers– I have some serious probs with my undereye circles! I’ve tried a lot of different ones, but somehow, I always end up with the LIQUID CAMOUFLAGE by Catrice. I currently have two shades of them - you can tell it’s autumn right now and I’m changing my skin colour – and they’re actually waterproof which makes them very durable. AWESOME!

Powder Products
So, that’s the part of my make up collection, where I still need a few more products which I really love. The ones I’m having at the mo are all very inexpensive, as I wanted to try out if I actually use them as often as I thought I’ll.
FIXING POWDER: This setting powder really does its job and I def gonna repurchase it, once it’s used up. LOVE IT!
SUN GLOW: This matt bronzing powder from Catrice – I’m using the shade 020 deep bronze - is a good product and I enjoy the fact that it isn't sparkling. However, it’s def time for a high-end version!
HIGHLITING PALETTE: This palette for Sleek in the shade Solstice is stunning and got me into the habit of using highlighter. Once again, want a similar high-end highlighter!
LE BLUSH: I’m actually not that much into blusher, but when I want a pop of colour on my cheeks, I’m wearing this blush in the shade 160 Peach from L’Oréal.

Brow Products
The only brow products I’ve ever tried are these two from Maybelline. Since they’re are from the same range, their colours – I’m using dark brown- work perfectly together and I love the finish of them.
BROW DRAMA: I really love the sculpting brow mascara as it’s super quick and easy. Despite that, it works great on its own too.
UNKNOWN: I got this product quite a while ago, so the imprint has totally fated away. I love this for days, when I want a quite expressive and therefore bolder eyebrow look.

About two years ago, I decided that I want some really high-quality eyeshadows instead of lots of shitty ones. So far, I’ve invested in 3 different paletts, but hopefully there’s at least one more to come! Apart from the actual eyeshadows, I’m using a very cheap eyeshadow base, which works well but needs to be replaced with a newer one (probably from Urban Decay?).
NAKED 2: My first and only Urban Decay purchase is this palette, which everybody knows. So, nothing much to say about it. However, it’s actually my least fave out of all of them.
5 COULEURS – 796 CUIR CANNAGE: You need this LOVELY palette from Dior, if you’re a that kinda gurl who wears brown eyeshadows on a daily basis. Despite that, the Dior palettes have pretty big mirrors, which I love for travelling.
5COULEURS – 066 SMOKY SEQUINS: I’m really proud that I have one of those GORGEOUS palettes, as it was a limited edition from last Christmas range. This is honestly one of the prettiest make up products I’ve ever seen and therefore, I don’t really want to use too much of it because I don’t want to destroy the beautiful pattern.

PARADISE EXTATIC: That’s the one mascara I’m using at the mo. Nothing too special, but I really enjoy the finish! However, don’t get the hype and I’m def not a fan of the packaging!

Lip Products
So, that’s the point where I notice that I might have an obsession with lip products – and that I need to declutter! Therefore, the already decluttered version for you. And also, in which handbags are the missing ones??
PREP + PRIME: If I want my lipstick to last all day, I put on a layer of this primer from MAC underneath the actual lipstick. Works like glue, smells like glue ugh!
JUICY SHAKER: Once again, a highly hyped product, so, I don’t need to ramble on it for hours. I have the shade 252 Vanilla Pop and even though I love the colour, the shiny finish is nothing I like too much.
SATIN LIPS KISS CLASSIC: This lipstick in the shade Praline is from the Ciaté London x Olivia Palermo collection. Lovely colour, great quality and I love Olivia Palermo!
VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK CRAYON: OK guys, this crayon is from Primark – and it’s actually really good. Def another piece where I need to find a similar colour ( a super dark reddish brown) in a high-end version!
MATTE ME: Well, if you’ve read any other beauty post on my page, it’s quite possible that you came across these bad guys – they are my fave liquid lipstick formula! I have them in the shade Birthday Suit and Rioja Red. LOVE THEM!!
CREAMY COLOUR COMFORT LIP LINER: This is actually the lip liner which works perfectly with the just mentioned liquid lipstick. It’s from KIKO in the shade 307 – very imaginative KIKO!
Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm: This is my go to lip product if I fancy the ‘your lips but better’ typa lips. That’d probably explains as well, why it’s in a handbag and I can’t find it anywhere! Oh, the shade I’m using is called Heaping Hazelnut!

If you’re still here, leave a comment down below – I’m really interested how many of you managed it through this loooong post! As you probably know, I’m doing Blogtober, so if you want to be informed as soon as a new post gets up, subscribe, or simply follow me on Instagram @the_fandf_club or Bloglovin’!

Lena xx

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