Monday Thoughts & A Cosy Evening | Blogtober 2017

Sorry, that this post is a bit late – we’re more than half way through Blogtober and that’s where things get trickier. All the posts I prepared in advance are already out there, and now it’s time to write new ones. Actually, writing posts is no problem, but taking good pics to go with them is the harder part – especially since my boyfriend, who takes a lot of pics from me, don’t study in Vienna. Therefore, I do a lot of flat lays and stuff like that, but it’s hard to take actual pictures of me.
Despite that, with the end of October uni (and school) gets a lot busier. I wrote my first exam today and I’m not sure how well it went down, but I’m HOPING I passed. Besides that, I have plenty of other things to do for uni – I need to prepare two presentations and study for two exams just to name a few tasks I need to finish until next week. Sometimes I think I can’t make it – especially since I have my blog, where I want to create great things too. Sometimes I think it would be so much wiser and better for my studies, when I would skip blogging – but I love it so much. TBH, I’ve never imagined that I’d love it as much as I do now. And I know, that November is getting better and a little bit more relaxed since I don’t post every second day. Anyways, I’ll power through the last days of October and I honestly enjoyed all of the posts this month. That was quite a long start, but I just wanted to let you guys know, how I feel right now.

However, this evening is dedicated to relaxation and therefore I thought it’d be the perfect time to tell you, what I’m doing on the cosiest evening.

1.       First of all, I made a casserole, which was stuffed with vegetables – was super delicious and the cheese was probably the best thing of today. There’s nothing better than a big, hot and cheesy meal, when it’s freezing outside, so pls give me all the comfort-food!!!

2.       During eating, I started watching my all-time favourite series – Downton Abbey! It’s the perfect cosy program and I love it so much, that it always brightens up my mood. I’ll probably watch many episodes today.

3.       After writing this post, I’ll jump under the shower and sing my lungs out! Since I love a good hot shower and it’s so miserable outside, I’ll probably get a bit burned, but I don’t mind. Despite that, my flatmate is out today, which means a lot of lout music and an even louder singing me. Miserable weather outside, means les miserable inside – love it!

4.      After boiling me thoroughly, I’m gonna enjoy the biggest mug of tea – or two. And of course, watching more Downton Abbey! I might get the British citizenship after this evening!

5.       During watching and sipping my tea, I’ll tuck myself in with my new blanket, which is probably the softest thing on earth.

So, you see my evening’s gonna be soooo incredibly cosy and relaxing. What are you doing, when you have a slow evening all for yourself? Despite that, how do you feel at the mo, is there a lot going on at school/uni/life? Let me know in the comments! So, if you like it, when I’m rambling about my life and stuff like that, it’d be lovely from you if you subscribe or follow me on Instagram or Bloglovin’!

Have a nice evening,

Lena xx