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Is there a better excuse for going shopping than a change of seasons? I honestly don’t think so. That’s why I can’t wait to hit the shops and actually buy all the stuff I want. But what are the things you want to purchase? I personally find it quite overwhelming when you go shopping for the new season, since there’re so so many new collections out there. Thus, I try to make a list of styles, which I really like, so I’m a lot faster when I’m actually in the shop. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE window shopping and it’s a hobby of mine (is this a weird hobby? I don’t know!), but it can get very time consuming when new collections drop into the stores and you’ll never be able to see all the new pieces. That’s why I love to do a little bit of research beforehand. Therefore, I visit the online stores of the shops I normally go to, have a scroll on Instagram or search on Pinterest. Now on to the finished list.


If there were a ‘most loved clothing item’- contest in my wardrobe, jumpers would win by a clear margin – they are my fave thing EVER! However, when it comes to jumpers or knitwear in general, I kinda step out of my black and white comfort zone and actually wear colour. The reasons are that I don’t like to wear a whole black outfit in winter – don’t worry, still wearing black everyday - and I don’t like white knitwear at all – for me, it never looks clean and therefore a bit shabby.
Contrary to what I just said, my first item on my fashion wishlist is actually a black sweater – I understand why boys don’t understand us! Buuut if you take a look at this beauty, you’ll see why I can’t stop thinking about it for over a month now. It’s so gorgeous and it’s so minimal and the graphic and oooh! It's a jumper which would perfectly fit into my wardrobe! If you’re asking yourself, why this sweater isn’t mine yet – the TOMMY stands for Tommy Hilfiger, which means I have to pay 90 quid for it and I’m not sure if I want to spend so much money on a simple black sweater...
Aside from the black beauty, there’s one style of jumpers I really want to buy this season. No matter how much I’m browsing through different online shops, there’s always this oversized, heavy, chunky knitted, grey jumper which appeals to me the most! I think they’ll be the best take on my monochromatic look without including white or black knitwear, so can’t wait to pick one up – or probably more! In case you’re a little bit perplexed from my long description of this sweater, I put two pics of my ‘perfect grey’ jumper down below. Aren’t they cool? I think, I’ll buy mine from Zara or Weekday, but the Zara website is all over the place and so overwhelming, that I couldn’t find the one I actually wanted to link for you. You’ll def see them in an outfit post when I finally got my hands on it!

During autumn and spring, I pretty much live in Converse and only take them off when I’m in my bed. I think this is a good enough reason to justify another pair of Converse, isn’t it? - Negative answers aren’t tolerated! So, I really want to pick up a pair of black – obv! – high top Converse, because I find them super flattering! Especially with some skinnies, since they draw attention to the ankles, which somehow make your legs appear slimmer – like it! Despite that, I find that Converse elongates your foot because of the white part in the front.  
Other shoes, which are well-known to have an elongating effect are boots with a pointed-toe silhouette –such a smooth transition! At the mo, I’m in LOOOOVE with the Jensen leather ankle boots from Acne Studios! Honestly, these are exactly what I want and I can’t find a good dupe for them, which makes me wanna cry! So, if you know a good, affordable (max 80€) dupe, PLEASE let me know in the comments!!! OMG, I really want them but there’s no way in justify a boots-purchase over 400€ any time soon. However, I’ll def pick up some black pointed-toe boots this season!

The thing I’m always missing, is a simple plain black belt. I found this online on Zalando, and the thing I love the most about it, is that there’s neither a gold nor a silver hardware – it’s all black! This’ll fit perfectly to every outfit I wear, so I really consider picking one up soon.
The next thing on my wishlist actually fits quite well to the grey jumper – I want a big cosy grey scarf! You know, one of those blanket size ones! For buying those scarfs, Zara is a perfect spot as they do giant ones, which are super soft but also reasonably priced. Def gonna add a grey one to my collection! I’m actually a big fan of the one I’ve linked down below, however, the picture doesn’t do it justice, so check out the link to see it on a model.
If you’ve ever been to Vienna, you’ll know that it’s pretty much the windiest city on earth. So, you need something for your head as soon as the temperature starts to drop, because otherwise you’re in serious danger of freezing your ears off! Therefore, I’m always on the hunt for a nice beanie and I honestly think, that there aren’t a lot of pretty ones out there! However, I discovered this cuuuute one from Karl Lagerfeld the other day and I really like it – especially since I’m def a cat person. I’m just not sure yet, if I want to spent so much money on a freaking beanie, but yeah, you know it’s a wishlist, isn’t it?
So, the last item on my little list is a new rucksack. The one I’m currently using, has def seen better days and it’s bright blue / turquoise. You know how much I love this colour, but I actually think it’s a little bit too out there for a big bag. That’s why I’m searching for a more neutral aka black or grey – oh Lord, you surely think I’m the most boring gurl ever – rucksack, which fits all my stuff in it – which is actually quite much since I’m using it to travel from Vienna to my hometown. Once again, I think it’s quite hard to find a big one, which is as functional as pretty, but I really like the one I’ve linked here.
What do you wanna buy this season? I’d love to read it in the comments down below! Despite that, it’s only the second post of Blogtober and therefore there’re many more to come- so, it would mean the world to me, if you subscribe, follow me on Bloglovin’ or on Instagram @the_fandf_blog! Thank you!!

Lena xx

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