A Glimpse Into My Morning Routine | Blogtober 2017

Good morning everybody! I wish you a lovely day! Or evening or whatever time it is right now when you’re reading this! So, todays post is about my morning routine. TBH, I wouldn’t consider myself as a morning person as I love to sleep in, but I actually have no problem with getting up early – if I have to! No matter what time it is, you’ll see that I love my mornings snuggish and slow even in the weeks. But have a look yourself and follow me around a typical morning!

7:30 a.m.
I had literally the worst nightmare today, so I didn’t wake up as refreshed as I normally do. But I feel alright. The first thing I do after opening my eyes is grabbing my phone – not the best habit, I know. Usually, I send a ‘good morning’ massage to my boyf and my mum. Afterwards I check my social medias – and YAY, I reached 24 followers on Bloglovin’ tonight! What a wonderful morning!

7:40 a.m.
Ten minutes after opening my eyes, I finally get out of my bed – I’ll miss you my dearest – and open my window. This is actually one of my favourite things to do in the morning, because I love the fresh crispy air when I come back with my breakfast. So, speaking of breakfast, I made myself a bowl of strawberries, bananas and Cini Minis, which was beyond delicious. And yeah, I know that cereals aren’t the best food to start the day with, but I LOVE something sweet for breakfast and Cini Minis is the thing I’m going for at the mo. Today, I took some pics of my breakfast, which isn’t a thing that I normally do, but I needed some pics for this post. While eating my breakie, I sometimes catch up on YouTube, but this is only for days when I have a lot of time to get ready.

8:15 a.m.
We all know, that drinking a lot of water is important at any time of the day. However, I love to have a BIG glass of water, especially since I don’t drink any hot beverages in the mornings. After having breakfast, I usually go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, cleanse and moisturise my skin. Today, I had to add an extra step as I used dry shampoo to cover the fact that I should washed my hair the night before.

8:30 a.m.
Time for the last steps in my morning routine. I picked some clothes, throw on my go-to jewellery – and was quite surprised that I felt great in the first outfit I chose. After getting dressed, it’s time for make up! Depending on how much time I’ve left or how I feel, I go for a really minimal make up look to something a little bit more elaborated. Since I had quite a lot of time left, I went for eyeshadow. I know doesn’t sound too crazy, but I actually haven’t worn eyeshadow since a very long time!

So, this was my laidback morning routine. What are the things you do in the mornings? I’m always interested how you’re doing things - leave a comment! Also, feel free to subscribe, follow me an Instagram @the_fandf_club or on Bloglovin’!
Have a great day,

Lena xx


  1. I really appreciate people who do this blogtober challenge. I only heard about this first time at the beginning of this month (since I even myself only started blogging this summer), but this is something I really want to try next year too!
    When it comes to your morning routine, gotta love how honest you talk about things. I mean, usually when you read about these posts everything seems kind of "too perfect" with greens moothies for breakfast and meditating straight after waking up. You really showed how you truly handle your mornings and I think you can easily see this as a reader :) And lastly, I really liked the outfit you chose for this day. Very casual how I usually always like it.
    Have a great rest of the day! xx Essi

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I only started my blog this summer too, but since I'm a big fan of YouTube (where a lot of people do Vlogtober) I came across this idea and I loved the challenge - especially since I love blogging!
      I'm glad that you liked this post! And I totally share your opinion on other morning routines - they always put pressure on me to do it as "perfect". However, I'm very glad that you liked it and that you appreciate that I keep things real!
      I def will and the same to you! And btw, thank you for liking my posts on Bloglovin'!!
      Lots of love, Lena xx