3 Beauty Items I Can't Live Without | Blogtober 2017

Having lots of beauty products is very normal nowadays – and we all know, that we can’t use it all. Despite that, when it comes to make-up I kinda live by the phrase “less is more”, because I personally feel like there’s nothing uglier than a face, which is covered in centimetres of foundation and powders. Therefore, I’m gonna tell you today, which three beauty product I actually use every single day – even if I’m in a rush.

A good concealer
Since I’m the kinda gurl who has the worst black undereye circles ever, I’m always in need for a good concealer. I don’t mind going out with a bare face, but I feel much more confident when I’m wearing concealer. I know, that some people won’t get this, but I literally look like somebody hit me in the face – no exaggeration – because I got very thing skin around my eyes and my nose’s quite high – this sounds so weird but I don’t know how to say it – so there’s a shadow which doesn’t help at all. So, yeah, if you know a really good, high coverage concealer, please let me know in the comments! At the mo, I’m using the Liquid Comouflage from Catrice, which is quite good, but I’m searching for a less drying version with a little bit more coverage.

A good lip balm
Moisturising is so so important! Even though, I sometimes forget to moisturise my face, I’d never forget putting lip balm on. A few years ago, I always had a lip balm in the pockets of my jeans and reapplied it about 4 times an hour. Nowadays, I’m not as addicted to it as back them, but I still love using it. Despite that, there’s nothing less attractive than some cracked lips – so never forget to moisturise your lips ladies, especially during the colder seasons!

Last but not least, a perfume is an essential which I’m using every single day. For me it’s a total gamechanger, as it makes me feel so much more put together and ready for the day. The two perfumes I’m using at the moment in Vienna, are Appel Juice from Zara and Honey from Marc Jacobs. Zara is always a good place to look if you want a new really good smelling, but affordable perfume.

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Have a nice week,

Lena xx 

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