How To Inject Red Into Your Wardrobe Without Buying New Clothes

When you’re strolling around the local shops this season, you’ll see that one colour’s having a moment right now. It doesn’t matter if you walk by a Zara, any other high street store or just scroll through your Insta feed, you’ll find red pieces everywhere. It seems like red is currently playing in the same league with millennium pink, sharing the title of the most loved colour. However, the last time I was shopping – and saw all those red, pretty pieces – it just clicked and I suddenly thought ‘I just don’t want to buy new clothes all the time to follow a trend’. So, don’t get me wrong, I love this bold and bright red but I just want to step back from all the fast fashion and inject the colour of the season in another, more me way.

Red shoes
Even though I’m all about wearing the non-colours white and black, I always enjoy shoes and jackets which are in an actual colour - just like my olive New Balance trainers and my dark red Converse. As I said earlier, I don’t want to buy new red clothes, but I’m totally fine with getting a new pair of bright red sneakers or Converse, because I know I’m gonna wear them for many many years - even when the red obsession has past. Overall, I always think it’s a good idea to try out a new it-colour with shoes or accessories, since it’s a great way to check out how the colour works with your skin tone and how often you’re actually reach for it. 

Red bags
Speaking of accessories, a little red bag is something which adds the certain something and therefore elevates the whole outfit. I picked up a tiny red bag about a half year ago – I was planning a night out with my pals and I had nothing fancy to wear and this little red bag from H&M was a total lifesaver as it took my pretty boring whole black outfit to the next level. That's why, I really recommend purchasing a small-sized bag from the high street, so it isn’t too expensive.

Red beauty products
In my opinion, there are more ways to jump on the red bandwagon than only wearing red items. A pretty easy way to inject red is putting on red beauty products. So, if you’ve ever read my About Me page, you’ll know that I LOVE some good old bold red lips – and they’re so easy to wear! TBH, sometimes I do my eyebrows, put some concealer and mascara on and then add my fave red lipstick. Not only that it suddenly looks like I’ve spent 20 minutes doing my makeup when it actually took less than five, it also makes me feel that I have my life together – which I probably haven’t. If you aren’t into bold lips (why??), some red nails are the better choice for you, since they aren’t too loud. Besides that, I think that red nails are also perfect, if you have to dress quite smart and elegant. And the best thing about them? I’m pretty sure, nearly every woman has a red nail polish at home and since it’s such a stable, you can wear it to every event and you’re still injecting the trend colour of the season.

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Have a nice Sunday and a good start to the week! 
Lots of love,

Lena xx

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