Cosy Sunday Reading

It’s September!! Don’t know how we got here, but I’m already loving it! Why? The season with the cosiest weekends finally started! There aren’t a lot of things which I enjoy as much as a rainy, foggy Sunday – it’s just perfect to stay at home (and probably in bed for the whole day), drinking multiple cups of peppermint tea, eating biscuits, playing games and cuddle with your loved ones. Since I tent to spend more time at home and therefore more time on the internet, I personally think that autumn is the perfect time of the year to get back into reading blogs. That’s why, I thought I share a little bit of love today and show you a few of my fave blogs that I’m reading religiously.

I already mentioned here blog in a previous post, but I need to say it again – she’s awesome, her style is right up my street, her blog is goals and I hope I’ll be able to take such great pics one day too. In terms of blogging, she’s my ultimate role model and I honestly could read her posts all day long. So, if you’re on the hunt for a lifestyle/food/travel blog, check it out!

The Anna Edit – or former Vivianna does makeup - is in the same league as the one before - great content, beautiful pictures and just goals. I absolutely love Anna’s take on fashion and she always looks gorgeous in her minimal makeup. Apart from that, I personally really like her sense of humour and therefore, I always have a grin on my face while reading her posts. Despite that, I’m kinda envy her for her Virgo perfectionism and ambition – for someone who writes whenever something comes on my mind, seeing her having all the blog and videos ideas sorted out for at least one month ahead is really impressing! Besides that, I also love her YouTube videos, so definitely check it out too.

This lovely blog – with a fair and clean layout – is written by a girl who studies is Cape Town. Therefore, I think it’s such a nice twist to read something from the other side of the globe, especially since the seasons are vice versa – oh Lord, I was jealous when I read a post about winter in Cape Town when it was so hot in Austria! Aside from that, reading about South Africa always makes me want to drive to the airport immediately, jump in an airplane and get away on holiday.

When it comes to German/Austrian blogs, I’m always a little bit hmm. Even though I like German Books, I’m not a big fan of reading blogs in German because it sounds weird and just a bit dull – that’s why I’m writing English myself although I’m Austrian. However, Vapaus is something totally different and by now, she switched to English – which I personally really like. The thing I enjoy the most about this blog, is that I can really relate to it, especially when there’s a post traveling around Austria. What’s more, I love the writing style and the content is very manifold but overall, it’s all about 'love, explore and create'. Despite that, ones again – lovely pics, great layout and a really stunning Instagram.

Apart from reading lifestyle or fashion blogs, I also enjoy food blogs – they give me a lot of inspiration and even more cravings. My all-time fave food blog is Minimalist Baker, which features a lot of vegan, healthy recipes – and they’re quite easy to recreate! I love to go through the page every Sunday and search for a recipe I’ll cook the next week. My fave is the vegan ‘pulled pork’ sandwich – DELICIOUS! Despite the yummy recipes, there’s also an own section where you get useful tips for food blogging – love the idea.

I hope this post give you a lot of reading material for the upcoming cold weekends! - And pls, come back to my blog again even though I showed you such beautiful and elaborated ones haha! Let me know, which are your fave blogs in the comment! 

Have a lovely, cosy weekend and lots of love!
Lena xx


  1. I love this blog post! Thank you so much for featuring me in it <3 We definitely have the same taste because I also read all the blogs you mentioned :D

  2. You're welcome - I love what you're doing! :) Lots of love xx