How To Handle Stressed Hair

When it comes to hair and hair care, we all know that summer is a hard time – especially if you were on holiday, since all the sun and salty water makes the hair even more dry and frizzy. As I’m not the kinda girl who uses SPF for their hair, I’m now struggling with VERY stressed hair and the fact, that I’m in desperately need of a haircut doesn’t make things any better. Therefore, I figured out a way to make my hair look at least semi passable and these are the products I use.

1st step: I came home from holiday, stepped into the shower and grabbed my normal hair shampoo – and stopped. Knowing the condition of my hair, I realised that using a shampoo, which is probably stuffed with chemicals and hence stresses my hair even more, isn’t the best choice at the moment. Then I remembered that I have a bottle of ‘naturalhair shampoo’ from Yve Rocher in the shelf, which is 100 per cent made of natural ingredients. Tbh, I’ve never enjoyed using it, since it makes it easier to brush through the hair and therefore takes away the last grip and volume, that my thin hair probably had before hand - but at the moment I quite like it.

2nd step: After shampooing my hair, I apply my conditioner, which I’m using for nearly a year now and still loving it so so much. It’s the Miracle Moist Conditioner from Aussie and it gives me all I need to fight the dryness of my hair – a freaking lot of moisture. Despite that, the product itself smells AMAZING and you only need a small amount – even though using it at least once a week, a bottle lasts me more than a year. I usually apply the conditioner to the end of the hair and keep it in for at least 3 minutes – I never put it at my roots, as they get quickly greasy anyway. After rinsing out the product, my hair’s left very smooth, healthy looking and VERY good smelling.

3rd step: For the 3rd and last step, I enjoy using a hair mask, which gives me additionally a lot of moisture. At the moment, my fave is the Intense Mask with argan oil from Gosh, and bloody hell, it’s really intense and very moisturising. Once I found out, that you definitely should NOT use too much product, as it leaves your hair completely greasy, I’m really into using it. For me it ticks all the boxes – it smells great, gives me a lot of care and takes less than ten minutes. All thumbs up!

Fortunately, I booked an appointment with my hairdresser today, so I hope that in one week I’ll have less struggles with my hair – fingers crossed! Let me know in the comments, which products you use to handle stressed hair.

Have a great weekend and lots of love!

L xx

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