Eggenberg Palace

Have you ever noticed that we’re only going sight-seeing when we’re on holiday? But if we’re honest, there are a lot of beautiful places around us – no matter where we live! This is why, I visited the Eggenberg Palace last Sunday – a gorgeous place where culture and nature meets – which is just 30 minutes away from my home.

The combination of the romantic park, the fascinating architecture and museums makes the Eggenberg Palace a great place for promenading, relaxing and discovering interesting things. For example, there’re museum for coins and one for archeology, which admittedly, I haven’t visited last weekend – but actually I’ve been there yeeears ago and it was very exciting! So, what did I do at the Eggenberg Palace? As I already said, the park is amazing for long walks and that’s just what I did – I got lost in there for more than two hours. Take a look at the pics and you'll see, that it’s just so pretty, quiet and nature finish – and that in the middle of Graz. 

Despite the beautiful park, I LOVE the architecture of the palace because it’s so unique and elaborated. It relies at the Georgian calendar and therefore has 365 windows for each day and four towers which symbolise the four seasons. Every floor in the building has 31 rooms – the maximum number of days in a month. What’s more, the second storey contains 24 state rooms for the hours of a day. However, there’s even the so-called ‘Planetary Room’, which is dedicated to the twelve zodiac signs. And there are more combinations, which symbolize minutes, seconds and other things. Isn’t this freaking awesome?

But there’s one more great thing about this place – there’re peacocks. I really really like those birds, don’t know why – they’re just so pretty and elegant. Unfortunately, there weren’t any white peacocks around the park, but instead there were some baby-peacocks. BLOOMING CUUUTE! 

Have a great week!
Lots of love,
L. xx

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