Beauty Wishlist

Today I thought I do something a little bit different. Instead of talking about the products that I already own and love, I want to tell you which beauty products I probably want to purchase during the next weeks.

I’m in love with warm-toned eyeshadow palettes with a lot of reds since the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette came out last year. Unfortunately, this brand is not available in Austria and since I don't like to order something online I couldn’t get hold of it. Even better that Urban Decay released its Naked Heat palette, which is also very warm-toned and now available in my country so I finally can get my hand at one of these beauties! However, if I’m honest to myself I’m a bit concerned that I won’t get that much use out of that palette since it’s quite bold and I’m not used at all to red eyeshadow. To sum up, even if I’m not 100 per cent sure about picking one up, I’m certainly going to a shop and do some swatches to see the colours in real life - and then we'll see.

When I was on holiday last week, I didn’t want to bring a big bottle of shower gel. Therefore, I travelled with a small piece of soap which I got from Lush last year as a free gift and I surprisingly LOVED using it! Normally, I’m that kind of girl, who picks up any shower gel which smells good but I haven’t thought of using a soap in the shower for years. Actually, I love that the soap leaves my skin very clean – sometimes it feels like some shower gels stick to the skin – but also very smooth. As I used up my shower gel in my flat in Vienna, I’m gonna pick up a soap from Lush when university starts again in September for sure. I already have my eyes on the Outback Mate, which seems to be right up my street because it smells of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint – yummy!

One thing I always want to get into is to look more after myself – especially after my skin. I’m pretty bad when it comes to skincare and stuff like that, even though I really enjoy them when I finally doing it. To forcing myself into a little body skin routine, some new products should be the key. Therefore, I really want to start using a body scrub and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be from The Bodyshop because I know that those products work very well on my skin. Since my skin is quite dry, I think I’ll try a scrub which is enriched with some oils like the Wild Argan Oil Body Scrub or the one with Shea.

Let me know in the comments which beauty products you want to try or buy this month!

Lots of love,
L xx

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