Life Sometimes Sucks!

What to do when you're feeling down


Sometimes life sucks. But somehow that’s okay, because that’s life and I’m a big believer in the theory, that negative things need to happen so we’re able to see and appreciate the good things. I know that this is the last thing you want to hear when your life kicks you in the ass but it’s even something which strengthens me.
As you’ve probably noticed, I thought about life, happiness and cheering somebody up quite a lot during the last days and this is why I just want to tell you some of the things which help me when I’m feeling down (despite looooats of chocolate (cookies) and other sweets).

In my opinion, distraction is the key if a situation makes you sad. On one hand, it forces you to think about something else but on the other hand, it also helps to clear your mind. I think that especially the mind reset opens new perspectives, which helps since we tend to overthink. And we all know, that too much overthinking kills happiness because you get lost in the depth of your own thoughts which is never good.
My favourite distractions are music (playing the flute, sing or just listening to it) and books (because you’re getting lost in someone’s other thoughts). Sometimes I just spend time on social networks but this doesn’t always work for me. But there are many many more things to do, like playing games, watching a cosy TV program, doing sports, drawing or going out (I personally do not think that partying is a good idea because it might seduce to kill the pain with alcohol!).

Talking about the issue
I beg you’ve heard this tip at least a thousand times, but it really does help! Personally, I’m quite bad at speaking about MY feelings – I love to listen to others but I just can’t handle my own– so I always need some time for me first, where I don’t speak to anybody. I think I need this to clear my mind and make my own opinion. But after a while, I want to speak about the thing which bothers me because otherwise I’m going crazy. To be honest, I don’t feel that the advices help you. Maybe it’s the feeling that you are not alone or just that you know that somebody knows how you feel and that they can help you, if it’s possible. I’m not sure about this, but talking about your situation and your feelings DOES help you, trust me! You’re not alone! If there’s nobody to talk around you, grab a paper and write down your feelings and thoughts (that’s what I’m doing now in this blogpost) or speak to your pet, they’re pretty good listeners.

Think about your situation
I know that I said earlier on that you shouldn’t overthink, but there’s one big question you really need to answer: Is it worth to feel that shitty about that situation? I know it might sound harsh but this is so crucial! There are many things you can decide whether you want to be upset about it or not. I personally really like this method because you stop being a victim and kind of gain back your strength and control.
You can’t see how this works? Just imagine a little scenario: Your boyfriend was cheating on you and now you broke up. You’ll be sad, which is totally normal. But instead of feeling down for weeks, just ask yourself a little question: Is it worth to feel that sad? Or even better – Does HE has the right to make you feel that way? I’d say NO (Nobody has the right to make you feel upset or uncomfortable in any possible way!)  – there’s no point to waste any emotion on this guy. The same system works for bad marks and stuff like that (don’t be upset about a bad mark, you cannot change it anyway, give your best the next time).

I hope this post helped you in your situation! And now – as an instant mood booster – some pictures of my lovely cat.

His name is James, he's 8 years old and a very sleepy guy. I love him so much! 

Stay happy, L. xx

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