July Favourites

How is it even possible that July is over?! I feel like this month hurried past SUPER fast! Actually, I always feel weird when July ends – university will start quite soon, summer will be over in a few weeks and the year isn’t as long anymore as we all thought. There’s a lot of change going on in these 31 days guys, it’s a bit crazy. However, I really enjoy July! It’s summer, and since school/university is over, it’s the time of the year, when everything is relaxed, fun and you haven’t a lot of responsibilities. Nobody cares if you’re at the beach, at home on your sofa or on YouTube for five hours in a row. I really like this about July, but there are more things I loved this month, which I’m showing you now.  

The first favourite piece, that I want to show you, are these earrings from H&M. I picked them up at the beginning of the month and wore them since than every time I leave the house.  They’re easy to style since they are black – and therefore go with most of my outfits – but still adding that certain something. Besides that, I was really surprised how light these earrings are even tough they’re that big – really enjoy that fact because there’s nothing worse than a super heavy earring that you can’t wear more than three hours! However, I originally wanted some red ones with tassels, which I saw on Poppy Deyes' blog and instantly fell in love with. Overall, I could add her to my monthly favourites, because I really like her style – both fashion and writing style – and her blog is absolutely GOALS, so overall, she became kind of a role model to me. Anyway, back to my earrings, I love them very much although I wanted something a little bit different. Unfortunately, they’re sold out by now, but there are some similar pieces out there for sure (e.g. here and here). 

Another well-loved item was the Perfect Black Waterproof Mascara from Maybelline, which was the only mascara I had on my lashes for the whole month. Obviously, I love it in summer because it’s waterproof – and tbh I’ve never come across any mascara which was as waterproof as this one! It always – no honestly, always - stays in place and it’s like you’re had your lashes curled and dyed. Therefore, it’s a little bit harder to get rid of but it's nothing impossible (It work quite well with the SkinActiveMicellar Cleansing Water for waterproof makeup from Garnier). I love how simple this is, since you never need to think about your makeup, if you’re going bathing spontaneously – and we all know, that makeup looks the best if we don’t care too much!

turquois is my fav colour at the moment

My next favourite isn’t particularly a thing, it’s a colour! At the moment, I’m truly obsessed with turquoise and nearly everything I bought this month was turquoise – which sounds and actually is crazy, as I’m at the point, where I picked up some breakfast cereals because the package was that colour! Furthermore, my favourite nail polish, my headphones, a few new decoration bits and even my beauty bag for my upcoming holiday – they are all turquoise and I bloody love them! And as you’ve probably noticed, my blog has a lot of turquoise too. Tbh, I don’t really know what’s that special about this colour but everything seems so much more pretty when it’s turquoise – except clothes - And above all, I just think it’s the colour which screams SUMMER the loudest. This might be the reason, why there are so many turquoise coloured food packages out there right now – have you ever noticed that the most packages from coconut-flavoured food are actually turquoise? And now, I stop rambling about this colour like a weirdo, I promise!

The very last July favourite is an ice cream, and it’s honestly the best popsicle I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! It’s the Magnum Double Coconut – is there a hint of turquoise on the wrapping? – and it’s so coconutty. I know this sounds obvious, but it tastes really naturally and besides that, there are two layers of crunchy chocolate with a chocolate sauce in between - is there anything more to say why  I think this is so DELICIOUS?

So, these few things are my favourites this month. Let me know in the comments, which pieces you loved this month the most! Really looking forward to reply to your comments! 

Lots of love,

L xx

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