Favourite Summer Wardrobe Pieces

Put your hand in the air if you love summer! Keep your hand up if you’re like me and hate clothing in summer! Your hand’s still in the air? Well, this post is for you!

When it comes to clothing, I always enjoy winter much more than summer. This is why I’ve 34 jumpers – not joking - but only 3 summer dresses. The problem about that is, that I live in Austria, a quite hot country during summer (average temperature in summer is around 30° Celsius). To solve this problem, I did what I always do to solve probs – I went shopping! It actually was a better problem solver as I thought it’ll be and now I’ve a few summer pieces that I really love!

Even though I’m normally not super comfortable with showing my arms, I love floaty camisoles in summer.  They’re just super comfy, keeping me cool and it doesn’t matter if you had a big pizza and a gelato – three cheers for floaty tops!

The camisole: I picked up this bright yellow camisole a few – I think three- years ago from Mango and I still love it. Overall, yellow – bright and cool toned like a lemon - is the only colour I’m really confident in.

The piece of clothing I hate the most are hot pants. There’s nothing good about them, they’re just tight, warm and most of the time you get to see more from a stranger’s butt than you ever wanted to see. As an alternative to them, I love to wear dresses, midi skirts or thin floaty trousers.

The skirt: I love love looooove this skirt from H&M soo much!! It’s just the perfect length and super thin and it keeps me cool. And again, a hint of yellow.
The tee: This top from Zara is your standard black V-neck tee that every girl should have in the closet! I love it so much, that I wear it again as soon as it’s washed. 

Ladies and gentlemen! Are you ready for the most stunning summer dress of the season? A big drum roll pls...  

The dress: I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this dress from Mango! I think this is one of the prettiest thing I ever bought in my whole life. I love the flowers, the cut and that’s black! There’s the same dress in white and I’m actually really thinking about picking this one up too!  

I have the same troubles with shoes as I have with trousers. If it weren’t so hot and people weren’t starring, I’d wear my well-loved converse and black jeans all year round for sure! But let’s face the reality and step out of the comfort zone. The shoes I like and wear the most during hot days are sandals and sliders and I actually really like them but there’s one problem, you’re getting dirty when you’re walking in the big city. However, I do my best to ignore that because nothing will get me into flats - hate all apart from the Gucci Loafers, but I they’re bloody expensive!

The sandals: I really like these chunky sandals because they are black and thus go with everything. Besides that, they stay in place and give you the right amount of support – good for driving. Last but not least, I also love the way they add a little bit of edginess to the outfit.
If you like something little bit softer and more summery (aka not black) these might be something for you! I picked them up as soon as I saw them in the store and really love them and they’re colour!

Last but not least, the last important wardrobe piece I want to show you is a good old cotton tote bag. The crazy thing is, I hated them all the time and now I use them every time I go outside. The best thing about it these bags are, that you can whether use it as a normal handbag or even put your stuff for a chilled afternoon at the swimming pool in it. Despite that I love how naturally and effortlessly it looks.

Please note: Some of the pieces I’m loving are a little bit older, so I try to find and link a similar one for you.

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