Birthday Outfit | b-day Special #2

Since this week is all about my birthday, I'd like to let you know what I wore at that special day. As I already said in the last post, there was a LOT of food, for which reason I wanted to wear something floaty. Despite that, it was a pretty warm day and thus a dress was perfect.

The dress: I wore this beautiful, light and playful dress, which I picked up last summer in Zara – what a shame that it isn’t available anymore! It is very comfy and I love the print on it (there’s everything I wanted for my birthday – ice cream, diamonds, my cat and lots of love). The only con is, that the cut it super simple and straight, which make the whole dress quite baggy and not very flattering. This is why I put a little belt around my waist – a total game changer! 

The bag: This nice little bag is from Comma, and I bought it last year, as a treat after I graduated from school. I really really like this bag, although I don’t get a lot of use out of it, because it’s brown and I usually wear black. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty but also very handy bag, which offers a good amount of space, as it’s made out of suede and therefore it’s soft and not a bit stiff. 

If you’re interested, about my birthday makeup and our birthday brunch, stay tuned, there are more posts to come!

Lots of love, L xx 

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