3 Refreshing Summer Drinks

Coke, juices and iced tea may keep you cool in summer but we all know that fizzy, sugary drinks neither are very healthy nor slake the thirst since the yummy taste seduce you to keep your glass near your lips. Of course, there’s the good old thirst quencher water, but tbh, sometimes we just want something a little bit more fun (imagine hosting a garden party and serving only water – BORING). But what are some fancy, healthy and even more important yummy (!) alternatives to keep you cool during the summertime?

Cold brewed tea
My first and also easiest drink idea is cold brewed tea. The concept behind it is pretty simple. There’re special tea bags which steep just like your normal tea. The only difference is – natch! - the cold water. Nowadays, there are plenty of different flavours available in your local supermarket - my fav at the moment is strawberry daiquiri (I mean AS A TEA, what a WONDERFUL idea!).
If you don’t want to buy special tea bags, you can also use the normal ones. It must be pointed out, that this method needs much more time, as you need to wait about 6 to 12 hours to let the tea infuse the water.

Homemade lime/lemon/orange lemonade
If you are like me and bloody love all things citrusy flavoured, this one’s for you! Not only that this honestly is a lifesaver if you crave some fizzy lemonade but this refreshing drink is also ready in 3 steps! 1) Squeeze the citrus fruit of your choice and add the juice to a container. 2) Add a little bit of sweetener. 3) Fill up with sparkling water. 4) You are ready to go- enjoy! If you feel a little bit fancier, you can combine two fruits, add ginger, add some other fruits... The possibilities are endless for this delicious mate!


Homemade Lemon Balm Syrup
The last summer drink idea is something for those, who want (and are able) to invest a little bit more time, but I assure you, that the final product is going to blow your mind! What do you have to do to get this refreshing, slightly sour syrup? First of all, take a big (10L) bucket and fill it with lemon balm leaves, slices of lemons and water. This mixture need to rest between 2 to 3 days (do not go any longer, the leaves might get mouldy). After that, add some sugar/sweetener and citric acid. Now, bring it to a boil and fill it (do not cool it off!) into glass bottles and close them properly. Finished!

If you used a 10L bucket, you’ll get about 8 L of syrup, which should be non-perishable for at least 4 months. The syrup can be drunk with (sparkling) water, in cocktails or in beer as a shandy.

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