Belvedere Palace

History. One of the biggest passions of mine, my fave subject in school and something I love since I was a little girl. There’s just something magical about all these ancient stories and pretty buildings. In fact, one of my biggest dreams is to live in a little palace one day or at least – let’s be a little bit more realistic - own a very beautiful flat in an old building. One of the places I’d be perfectly fine to live in is Belvedere – just kidding, I’d need to win more than 10 Nobel prizes to afford that. But even if I can’t live in it, it’s just such a lovely place to visit in Vienna.

So yesterday I spent some time at Belvedere with my family. Since the weather was SO nice, we had lots of fun strolling around the park enjoying the sun – I also got a little bit burnt but I don’t care. Anyways, I couldn't get over the fact that something this grant and beautiful is in the middle of Vienna. Also, look how stunning the view over the city center is!

As you can see, the place is just BEAUT! I’m also thinking about shooting an OOTD post there, because I think that the neutral colour of the palace would be a really good background. When we visited the place yesterday, there was a wedding shoot and I bet their pics are stunning!! I really want some wedding pics like these one day too pls!

Apart from the gorgeous setting, there’s also a little cafĂ© which serves a really good homemade lemonade and a small variety of snacks. It’s also possible to go for breakfast there, however there’s only one breakfast to order but I tried it yesterday and I really liked it.

If you’re a lover of art and spend some days in Vienna, I’d highly recommend visiting Belvedere. Of course the architecture of the palace is great for itself, but there’s also an art museum inside of the castle. At the mo, there’s an exhibition of Gustav Klimt, where you can see his most famous artwork The Kiss, but there’s also the possibility to see some modern art. My parents and I didn’t see any of the exhibitions yesterday, since we just wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather outside.  

So you know by now, that I’m a big fan of Belvedere during the spring/summer because of its grant garden but there’s also a Christmas market during November and December. And tbh, it’s my fave market in Vienna, because the setting is just so magical and out of this world. I’d say, it’s a quite small market, which I personally like since there aren’t too many people. Apart from that, they literally serve the best punch!!


  1. OH WOW it looks amazingggg I really want to go to Vienna it looks so gorgeous!

    Grace Louise ||