Weird YouTube Habits and My Fave YouTubers

Hey guys! It’s been quite a while since I sat down to write a new blog post for you. Two weeks to be precise – two weeks full of uni stuff. So, I realised how hard it is, when you’re working 40h/week and still write a new post weekly – chapeau to everybody who manage something like that! Anyway, after breaking my new year’s resolution – posting every Sunday – twice in the first month of the year, I’m finally back on the bandwagon!
In September, I wrote a post about my favourite blogs and it went down really well – in fact, it’s one of the most popular posts I’ve ever made. Therefore, I thought it would be great to do something similar again, but this time about my fave YouTubers, who I’m always watching.

To start things off, I’m gonna tell you something about my YouTube watching habits. When it comes to subscribing new accounts on YouTube, I’m actually super picky! I don’t know why, because I don’t have this issue with any other social media platform, but YouTube is a lot more personal and special to me. Apart from that, I have a thing for British English – and if you know me in real life I’m really sorry how obsessed I am about it – which is why, I’m only subscribed to ONE person, who doesn’t life in the UK. And to be even more precise, nearly all the YouTubers I’m following are from somewhere near Brighton. This might seem awkward and I think it actually is, but there’s something about their English which appears very likeable to me.

Let’s start with my favourite, favourite, faaavourite YouTuber out there. She was the first YouTuber I’ve subscribed to and the first beauty related video I’ve ever watched was from her. Before that, I only used YouTube for listening music but since then I’m loving beauty and lifestyle videos. What I like a lot about her, is her unique style, her great taste in music and her cat is so cute and pretty! Oh, and her hair is goals! I don’t know how often I showed my friend a picture of her, while we were speaking about the perfect hair style. If you haven’t heard about her, I’d highly recommend checking her out – she’s great! Oh, and of course, she’s living in Brighton at the mo.

Another great YouTuber, with a great taste in everything. I really, really love her make-up videos, which are – for me – one of the best make up videos out there. And I’m speaking of minimal and manageable make-up for everyday – nothing crazy but therefore even more reliable. Apart from that, I really like her style, which is a little bit more “in the store fashion”, if you know what I mean. Like seeing it on her video and go to Zara to get it – which is totally great! Another great bonus, is a very cute dog and her house is absolutely stunning!

Well, if you read my post about my fave blogs, you’ll recognise this name, since she’s not only an awesome YouTuber but also a great blogger.  She’s a very down to earth person, with the perfect capsule wardrobe. And her clothing style is right up my street – a lot of black, white and grey! Apart from that, she optimised the perfect minimal make-up look for every day – rocking the brown eyeshadow look. So, all these things together make her to a great role model for blogging – especially since she’s organised AF. Love it!

Last but not least, I had to mentioned lindseyrem. I only subscribed to her very recently and surprise – she isn’t from Brighton and she isn’t from the UK at all! Actually, she’s a very pretty girl at the same age as I am. The thing I like the most about her is her creativity and her style – even though it is a little bit to out there for European standards. However, her make-up is awesome and makes me wanna cry since I can’t get the majority of the products in my country. Overall, I’d really recommend checking her out, if you want to get artier or a creative boost!

So, these were my favourite YouTubers and if you have any recommendation, let me know in the comments. If you want to read more from me, feel free to check out some other posts or follow me on Bloglovin’ to get notified whenever I upload a new blog post.

Love you guys lots and have a great Weekend!

Lena xx


  1. I love Lily's videos! I love Brighton YouTubers as I live there now so it's fun spotting places I know in their vlogs!

    Lauren x

    1. She's so great! Totally get you! Feel so jealous - I really want to live there too! such a beautiful city!!
      Lena xx