Empties and New Ins

I personally think, that it says a lot when somebody finishes up a whole beauty product. Not only that there are so many other options out there which all sounds amazing, but also, let’s be honest, only because you purchased a new product it doesn’t have to work for you. However, from time to time we find some of those holy grail products, which we well and truly love, since they work so perfectly for us. Today, I’m gonna show you which products I enjoyed so much, that I used ALL – like, there’s not a nanometre of product left! – of them up. As these empties leave a whole in our heart, I picked up some new products to fill those gaps. Let’s see, if there as good as their precursors.

The first thing I wanna talk about is the Fresh Cleansing Gel from Marbert. Honestly, I never thought that it’d be possible to go through this massive cleanser and use up all of the 400 (!) ml. But here we are now, I managed it – and I’m pretty proud of it! Why? Because I finally managed to establish a skin care routine, which I love enough to stick to it for a half year and look forward to do twice a day. This product definitely helped, since it’s super refreshing and I love the pump! The only drawback of this product is that it’s for normal and combination skin, which wasn’t an issue when I bought it back with 17 – but nowadays I have quite dry skin, which is why I didn’t repurchase this product. But since you can’t go without a cleanser, I picked up a new one and it’s once again from Marbert – did I tell you that this is one of my fave skin brand? The one actually is for dry skin and it’s the Soft Cleansing Milk and I think I’ll use this huge bottle up too! I really like it because it leaves my skin super moisturised but very clean at the same time! And yes, it has a pump too!

Next stop is my trusty Intense MoistureCream with vitamin E from The Body Shop. I can’t tell you how awesome this product is and feels on my skin. Actually, I loved it so much, that I used up the whole cream in less than 11 months – and I’ve NEVER used up a cream before! So, if this doesn’t say how incredibly good this product is, then I don’t know what it does. However, I purchased a new one of these yesterday, and I swear they changed the formula – and the packing but that’s pretty obvious! Not that I don’t like the new one, but it’s definitely thicker and therefore I’m not sure how well it’ll work when I use it in the mornings. Anyways, still a great heavy-duty moisturiser but we’ll see how things turn out.

So, now we’re leaving skincare! I cannot believe that I finally used up the first high-end perfume I’ve ever bought. How crazy is that?? It actually makes me really nostalgic since I bought it back then in 2013! Holy crap things have changed, but I still like this sent a lot! However, I don’t think that I would buy it nowadays, but it’s still a very warm and sweet but still not too sweet sent, something quite summery, happy and girly – at the mo, I’d prefer it a little bit deeper and muskier but still not too heavy, which is more feminine. This shows so much, how I’ve changed during the last years! Okay, I’m getting soo nostalgic smelling this! So, if you don’t know Honey from Marc Jacobs, go and smell it, it’s truly great. Apart from that, I’m actually super happy that I found and loved this perfume so much, because it was the start for my love to Marc Jacobs perfumes in general – and this is still my fave brand for perfumes. However, I don’t have a new sent to substitute Honey, since I have a lot of other perfumes, which I love a lot!

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Have a lovely Sunday!!

Lena xx

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