Easy Ways to Get a Festive Dorm Room

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
I know I already mentioned it in a previous post, but decorating a dorm room and make it as cosy as possible is quite a tough thing to do, since functionality and cheapness is more important than beauty to the builders of a dorm. However, that doesn’t mean, that you can’t do anything against it, right? So, in general, I’m not the gurl who goes overboard decorating for every season – but let’s be honest, Christmas is a whole other story! I LOVE Christmas and therefore, I went a little bit crazy and oh Lord, it’s looking so nice and Christmassy – it’s AMAAZINGGG!
So, first of all, I wanted to tell you, that decorating for Christmas does not have to be crazy expensive! In fact, if you’re a little bit artistically gifted, you can easily do some paper cuttings, which look like snowflakes – don’t cost you a penny. Anyway, I’m everything but arty – like I can’t do a straight cut with scissors – and therefore, I had to spent a little bit of money for some lovely decoration. I’m a student tough, so I think there isn’t a piece which was over 10€, if I remember right. Apart from the money issue, there isn’t usually a lot of place to put pretty stuff and therefore, I mostly bought decoration for the wall or the window. Well, and now I’m gonna show you what you can do to make your dorm room as Christmassy as possible – and I also show you what I got.

As said, you don’t have the place to put a nice reindeer on a shelve, because you usually don’t have enough space for your daily essentials anyway, so set up stuff like that won’t go down too well – and I tell you, if you have to put this this reindeer away every single time when you only want to get your hair brush, you deffo won’t feel Christmassy at all, but annoyed, no matter how festive and gorgeous this reindeer is! Well, I personally don’t want that all, because I love it when decoration make me happy and not grumpy! Therefore, I kinda outsourced my decoration and put the most stuff on my walls – out of my way and very festive and lovely!
So, I picked up a garland from flying tiger, which was only a fiver and bloody hell, it’s so massive and heavy! First of all, I didn’t think I’ll find a place for it, especially since I’m not allowed to bang nails into the wall, but I had a great idea. I hung it over my hangers, which are normally for my coats and bags, and until now it works really well. I really like how it turned out, since it kinda looks like an arch over the door. Well, that on its own looked very nice, but I got an advent calendar from my parents and it looks so perfect hanging in this bow – I love it!! So, this garland was like a template for the whole theme I’m going for this Christmas. It’s quite classic and natural with green and red colours – and it works really well, since I already had green as the main colour in my room anyway. 

So, continuing with the red and green theme, I bought another garlandy kinda thing, again from flying tiger. But this is one is much daintier and more like a wire, so I think you can use it for handicraft work as well as a garland. It’s really cute and I randomly put it on my wall where my prints are – you know, just to add a bit of Christmas. TBH, I’m not 100% sure how well this turned out, because I’m not the best at placing thing randomly and beautifully at the same time, but I kinda like it and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

Christmassy Prints
During this semester, I started a print wall and I like that you can easily change seasons by simply adding another seasonal print. So, I have a two different Christmas prints, which I absolutely love. One of them says “May your days be merry and bright”, which is a quote from one of my fave Christmas songs. If you want to listen to this song or my other Christmas faves, check out my festive playlist >>here<<. The other one is like an advert, which says “fresh baked Christmas Cookies” and since I love cookies and sweets in general, I think this print is great. If you want some similar prints, simply have a browse through Pinterest, there are millions of pretty prints, and most of them are free, so you can simply print them at home, without spending any money.

Fairy lights
Even though – thanks to Instagram and co – fairy lights are accepted all year round nowadays, there’s no other season, which screams fairy lights louder than Christmas! So, if you already have some nice fairy lights in your room – perfect - if you want to add even more, go for it! I have a standard version from Ikea which hangs on my window all year, but I could not not get another one! It's a little bit more Christmassy with snowflakes and I think it’s sooo pretty! I got them from flying tiger – 3€, absolute bargain – but obviously, you can get them pretty much everywhere during this time of year and of course in every other festive shape. And once again, you can either hang it or arrange it on the top of a shelve – if you have enough space to do so.

Get your seatbelts fastened, it’s getting even more Christmassy! Because now, we’re talking baubles! If you’re honest, there isn’t anything else which is as festive as some baubles – especially if you get them in a festive colour. I got myself a set of 20 dark red ones, which contains shiny, glittery and matte ones, which is great since you buy one set and get a good variation. Mine are from Pagro, which  actually has amazing Christmas decoration - never expected that! You might think now something like “yeah, it’s all well and good, but I don’t get a Christmas tree, so why should I get some baubles?”, but honestly, baubles are so versatile! Since I got 20, I did a few different things with them, and I kinda like it, because you have a lot of different stuff but they all go together very well, since they are the same baubles in the end. So, first of all, I hung some of the baubles on my fairy lights and three extra baubles on the window. Apart from that, I also put some of them on the wall and shelves with some washi tape. 

What’s more, I hung two of them on my plants, which looks kinda crazy because they’re more cactussy and therefore not very Christmassy. Last but not least, I also arranged them with the other fairy lights and a candle on my coffee table.

Little things to get a festive atmosphere
Apart from really decorative bits, I also think that you can make your dorm room cosy and festive, with some little bits and bobs just like candles. I picked up a Christmas candle in TK Maxx and it smells sooo delicious. The scent is cedar pine with orange and cinnamon and it simply smells like a Christmas tree combined with some fruity, spicy tea – LOVE it! Apart from that, it’s also nice and Christmassy since there’s Father Christmas on the candle. Unfortunately, it burns down very quickly and I only have about a third left. But somehow, it’s not that bad too, because TBH, nobody wants a Christmas candle in February. But yeah, if you not a candle person, or it’s strictly forbitten in your dorm, you also can pick up a potpourri. I got a lovely one form Depot, which smells very woody and natural and I think it’s also very pretty to look at, because of all the pinecones, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks! Apart from that, some festive beddings are great too! I personally love my red flannel ones with stars and deer!

So – finally , the very last thing, which is very handy to make your dorm room a bit more festive, is Christmassy washy tape. I used it to hang up my baubles and prints, but I also just stick it on my pin board to make it a little bit more Christmas! And it’s great since you can also use it for wrapping your presents!

So, and I wrap up this post, because it’s getting wayyy to long – but I just love talking about homey bits and that combined with Christmas makes it even better! However, I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to read a comment from you – and if you just want to chat about how great Christmas is, I’m up for that! Actually, if you want to read more about Christmas, follow me on Instagram @the_fandf_club or on Bloglovin’ and you’ll get updated as soon as a new festive post drops!

I hope you have the happiest season of all!
Lena xx