September Favourites | Blogtober 2017

Hey guys! Today it’s time for a little favourites post! Haven’t done this in two months, because the things I loved in July were nearly the same as the things I enjoyed in August. However, I’m back with a lot of new stuff which I’m truly in love at the moment. So, before I say ‘things’ or ‘stuff’ a hundred time, let’s call a spade a spade!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with my white Converse – there just too pretty to not be pictured. For somebody, who prefers her outfits black and ... yeah, black, these white beauties are perfect to cheer the whole outfit up. Despite that, does anybody else feel a bit fancy wearing white shoes? I absolutely do. The only thing which is super annoying – why do they get dirty so quickly? Nevertheless, one of the best 60€ I spent in the last 2 months!

Lifestyle bits and bobs
So, before I tell you something about my beauty favourites, I’ll let you know whatI loved in life. My fave thing out of all my favourites is probably a whole weekend. Some background information – two weeks ago, my boyf and I spent a whole weekend in a spa and OMG it was a really good time! So cosy, relaxing and perfect to recharge our batteries – can’t wait to do this again! Besides that, there’s one more thing, which I loved this month – my bullet journal. I actually rediscovered it at the beginning of the semester since it’s perfect for organisation. However, I’m planning on a whole blog post about my bullet journal, so, if you’re interested, there'll be more information soon! Uh, nearly forgot my candle!! I’ve already told you in my homeware haul, that I picked up some candles. At the moment, I’m burning the Patchouli & Ginger Flower one and I really love it. Furthermore, it really boosts my creativity and productivity  – so it’s always lightened when I’m writing a post. And mmmmh the smell, delicious!

Beauty faves
Hello dear old friend! I have to - like literally have to - mention the red liquid lipstick from Sleek once again. However, I know I spoke about it one and a thousand times, so, I promise I keep it short. This liquid lipstick has the best formula, since it’s super durable but also very comfortable on the lips. Despite that, I’m a big fan of the colour and it’s just my fave lipstick right now – finished! So, that’s the moment, where I don’t know which I should pick next because I want to mention the best product at the end – but I can’t decide because I LOVE both so so much! Hmmmm... Let’s start with my Hand and Nail Treatment Cream from Clarins. This hand cream costs a bloody fortune, but it’s 110% worth it! Before this, I actually hated hand creams, which is a bit of a disadvantage when you’re working in a lab and have to wear medical gloves quite often. So, this was a total gamechanger! It makes your hands soo soft, sinks in in seconds and can get quite addictive, since the feeling and the smell is not from this world! (Actually, need to put some on NOW!) Last but by no means least, my last fave of September is a soap – sorry, if you expected something a little bit more dramatic! If you read my beauty wishlist, you’ll know that I really wanted to pick up a soap for showering in Vienna. So, I went into Lush a few weeks ago, had a sniff of all the soaps and discovered this amazing soap. Not only that it is the best smelling soap I’ve ever come across, it also leaves my skin so so soft and hydrated. Lush called it ‘Honey I washed the kids’, which kinda gives a way the sweet scent of honey and caramel – which always makes me want to bite into the bar, but I think it might end up gross. However, just love love love it so much, so if you’re in need for a new soap (would really recommend it instead of shower gels), have a sniff in Lush and fell in love, just as I did.

So, these where the things, I was - and still am - obsessed with during the last month. As the curious kinda gurl I am, I’m very interested which products / moments you loved in September! Please feel free to leave a comment and if you’re interest in the rest of Blogtober, subscribe, follow me on Bloglovin’ or on Instagram @the_fandf_club!

Lena xx



  1. Oooh I love the look of that table of yours! The fur and candle works so well together, aesthetically. Also this reminded me that I should try using my red lipstick again some time soon. Yours is quite a bold shade!
    Really nice post. Have a lovely week. x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad that you like my pics! Oh, you def should - there's nothing better than red lips!
      Once again, thanks! Have a nice week too xx