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Hey guys!
So, this post is very very short, because there’s too much going on right now but I still wanted to put something up. However, I’m gonna have a lovely evening with my colleges from uni in a karaoke bar today. First off all, you need to know that I love singing. However, I’m always so f-ing nervous, that I hate singing in front of others. So, yeah, it’s gonna be interesting – just say it like that. TBH, I’m not sure if I’ll sing but if I have the choice, I wouldn’t do it. But I also know, that I’ll regret it afterwards if I don’t sing - as always. Oh guys, what a dilemma! However, I thought I give you a list of songs that I really love singing to. 

-          On my own – Musical Les Miserables
-          Skyfall – Adele
-          Wannabe – Spice Girls
-          Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine
-          You’ve Got The Love – Florence and the Machine
-          Seasons of Love – Musical Rent
-          No Roots – Alice Merton
Despite that, I love a lot of songs from other musicals and I also adore Queen.

What are your fave songs to sing? Do you love karaoke? Do you mind singing in front of others?
I hope you have a lovely evening too!
Lena xx

*Insterting little pic of me dancing while taking pics*

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