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When it comes to dorm rooms, you usually don’t have the prettiest pictures in your head. And since the main aim of those rooms are to be practical, inexpensive and most of the time also unisex, they look really and truly awful and everything else than cosy. It seems like there’re some people who don’t care about ugliness and live in those rooms for three or more years. And then there’s me – since my star sign is Cancer, I can’t stand something like that any longer than two weeks, as I always want to feel super homey. So, I live in a single dorm room – thanks God that I’m not studying in the US! - for one year now and I've already decorated it last year. Don’t get me wrong, it was really homey though just a little bit random, but now it’s time for something more organised, planed and put together. Anyway, here’s what I picked up – and don’t worry since I’m a student there’s nothing crazy expensive, in fact, I actually think everything was under 25€.

Plants & Plant pots
Starting off with the things I love the most, I invested in a whole new collection of plants. So, I had three mini plants last year and I’m actually quite proud of myself that I kept two of them alive – even though they haven’t been watered the last two months, because I were at home for summer break. However, last week I was shopping in IKEA and bought FOUR new plants, which means that my room is so much greener now and therefore a lot cosier too. Despite that, I also picked up a fake plant, which is overhanging and perfectly covers up one side of my printer. TIP: If you on the hunt for new plant, but like me known as a plant-killer, search for pants which have thick leaves which feels like they've wax on it – they don’t need lots of water. Anyway, as every pot needs a lid, every plant needs its plant pot! I’ve picked up the majority of them from IKEA, since they were brass, superpretty and sooo inexpensive (€ 1,99!!!). Besides that, the succulents, which are actually my faves, already came with this gorgeous greyish pot. Aside from that, I picked up a green and a dusty pink pot from TK Maxx and one from Depot, but the latter is annoyingly too small – which is a shame because it’s very lovely. Last but not least, the last kinda plant related thing I bought – again from IKEA – is a little vase, which I can’t wait to fill with pretty flowers.

On the way to the comfiest dorm room ever, you can’t pass candles. I know that a lot of dorms forbit them because fire is dangerous, but I honestly think if you handle them with care there’s nothing wrong about them. Since I’m that kinda gurl who rarely breaks any rules – I know, I’m boring – I haven’t had candles in my room last year. However, I had the weird feeling that my room’s never gonna be really homey without candles and so, I picked up two in TK Maxx yesterday. Frankly, I still feel quite bad about this but TBH, I’m seriously afraid of fire so I’m like beyond careful with my candles. Despite that, I bought some with lids so you can close them after lighting and nobody will see that it’s a candle – little naughty trick. Just in case you wanna know which scents I picked up: I went for ‘Ginger Flower & Patchouli’ from Pecksniff’s – I think it smells quite warm and I absolutely love patchouli – and the second one was from Natural Sense in the scent ‘Tea Tree & Olive Oil’, which smells fresh, light but also cosy.

Nice Practical Stuff
Having a small dorm room, there isn’t that much space to put thing with no use, aka beautiful decoration. That’s why I tried to buy stuff which I actually need but which are also pretty to look at. So, for example, I always need to have one space where I put my keys, because if I don’t know where they are I get a bit paranoid. Therefore, I picked up a green round ‘plate’ from Depot. Besides that, I also bought a green glass for my scissors, which I use for pens and stuff like that. For my jewellery, I picked up a juwellery holder at Flying Tiger – and OMG, it’s so pretty and that for 5€! I actually saw this on Ista, run into the shop and picked it up in literally one minute because I knew I need it in my life. I'm in LOVE!

I personally think, that textiles, like rugs or curtains, always add extra warmth to a room and that’s again more cosiness. I already have one of those high pile rugs, but it’s green, and although it’s a very pretty green, it’s still green which is somehow crazy. So, I bought myself a new dark grey and white boring rug from H&M Home, with a geometric pattern and tassels on each end – TASSELS!! Even though I wish it’d be a little bit larger, I’m completely in love with my new rug, and TBH, I’m still considering that I might keep the green one out too, because it fits the colour theme and I just love the feeling when I’m standing on it.

I’ll stop rambling about homeware now and I’m really sorry if you don’t like long posts! As always, let me know in the comments what you picked up for your room– you could also link me on a picture on Instagram! If you want to stay up-to-date, subscribe, simply follow me on Instagram @the_fandf_club or on Bloglovin!

Have a lovely day!
Lena xx


  1. Your room looks awesome!! You did a great job! Now you just have to change the curtains :p

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, and the bed! Fight the ugly orange! xx

  2. I really like the rug you bought :D I think my favorite pieces to make a room cozy are cushions and all sorts of different covers - they're especially really handy when you want to easily change the color scheme of your room.
    A few days ago I ordered fake autumn leaves and pumpkin fairy lights to get all those autumn feels into my room :D

    Love, Jacky N.

    1. I love cushions too, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of space for them!
      I'd love to see a pic of the pumpkin fairy lights - it sounds awesome!! :D