#OOTD | 12/08/2017

It has been ages since it was colder than 28 degrees in Styria, but today we’re at 20 degrees – and I’m already loving it!! Why? I can finally jump back in my black jeans, tee and Converse without melting like chocolate! Amazing! As I’m never 100 per cent comfortable in summer clothes, I haven’t felt like me for such a long time. So, thanks to today’s weather and outfit, I felt as great as I haven’t felt for the last three months.

The tee: Welcome back my well-loved tees, I’ve missed you so much!! And especially this black shirt with stars from Mango is one of my all-time favourites! It’s super cosy and soft but – thanks to the star-print – also a little bit more special than a normal black tee. However, I also really enjoy the cut – not too tight but not too lose and not crazy long but not too cropped – to sum up, just the perfect fit. Unfortunately, it isn’t available anymore.

The jeans: These black skinny black jeans, which are a little bit cropped and therefore show off your ankles, are actually a new addition to my wardrobe. Besides that, they’re a little bit thinner than your average jeans which makes them perfect for spring, upcoming autumn and colder summer days -just like today. 

The shoes: I’m now officially a member of the white converse club and freaking LOVE these shoes so much!! If you know me in real life, you’ll know how much I love them because I can’t stop raving about them - I’m literally obsessed. Matter-of-factly, they are just white converse – very comfy and yeah, just converse. However, never stop being enthusiastic about little things!

The bag: My latest designer bag purchase was this - obv black - coach Minetta crossbody bag. I’ve been looking for a medium sized bag for ages, but somehow, they’re always really big or super tiny. This size is just perfect if you need more than your essential purse and phone – for example, I smuggled some gummi bears into the cinema today, wouldn’t work with a smaller bag haha!

The sunglasses: These is my new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and they are actually with prescription lenses. But they are not only crucial for me to differ a cat from a dog, they are also adding the certain something to an outfit. Besides that, I love how light they are – and therefore VERY comfy to wear – and that they cover up tiered eyes without being too big. 

I’m really sorry for the lack of posts during the last week! I started my full-time summer job last Monday and I’m dead after getting up at 5am and working for 8 hours. I hope I'll have more energy next week!

Lots of love, 

L. xx 


  1. I love your OOTD! I wear white Converse sneakers myself but in a slightly different style. I'll have to try some Converse All Star sneakers. I also love that T-shirt with stars from Mango! You look fabulous - great outfit photos!


    1. thank you so much! Yeah, I love how versatile Converse are! Really happy to hear that you like it, and ones again thank you for your lovely comment! xx